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Can Stretch Marks Be Removed Without Medical Treatments?

By the time the average woman reaches her twenties, she will have developed at least a few stretch marks. The dreaded stripes can appear on many parts of the body and have a variety of causes. In recent years, many women have invested in pricey laser treatments to minimize the marks. However, thousands of others have turned to the Internet to learn more about advanced creams that have the same affect.

What Causes Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are essentially scars but have their own unique and easily recognizable appearance. They appear as stripes, and there are generally several in one place. When new, they are often reddish or can even have blue tones. It is generally thought that stretch marks happen when skin is stretched to the point where it is damaged. They are common side effects of pregnancy and weight gain. Some weight lifters also get stretch marks. Over time, …