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Alternative Cancer Treatments Here in this article, we will be talking more about the alternative treatments for cancer. We all know that cancer is a life threatening disease and that a lot of people believe that there are only 3 treatment options available for it including surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. As a matter of fact, alternative cancer treatments are superior to traditional treatments as they have better track records of eliminating cancer. Alternative cures for cancer is different because they’re not using invasive technique that could damage the patient like what traditional methods could. With regards to traditional cures, it views cancer as local disease which should be taken away whereas in alternative treatments, it sees cancer as generalized and whole body disease. Let’s try to take a look at how these changes the way we treat cancer.
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With the traditional medicine, we know that cancer is deemed as local disease, which is normally the tumor. That is the reason why they are making use of toxic drugs, surgery or even irradiation to be able to remove the tumor. What seems to be the problem in applying this method is that, there are some cancer cells left over or even if the cancer is completely wiped out, it reoccurs after some time. Some also say that the tumor comes first and when it is in place, the symptoms start to show up.
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With regards to alternative medicines, cancer is viewed as a general whole body disease. Experts also believe that the symptoms of illness are what come first and because of these symptoms, the tumor grows. That is when they start on treating cancer patients. They have to figure out the root cause of cancer and that is what they’re going to treat. Then after, when the root cause of the disease is handled, the cancer is believed to stop on growing and regress for good. Alternative treatment for cancer adopts the idea that cancer is one that is affecting the whole body, therefore getting rid of one symptom or the tumor is not going to cut to cure the person. There should be balance that must be brought to the patient and then, their body will be able to fight the cancer both effectively and naturally. Let us just deal with the fact that cancer is a very serious disease but fortunately, there are alternative cures for cancer that is known to help a lot. Believe it or not, at least 8 out of every 10 cancer patients who get traditional treatments for it don’t have assurance whether or not they will survive. But with natural and alternative cures, this figure increases drastically.