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Benefits of Taking Yunnan Baiyao

The combination of two types of ginseng and several members of the yam family is a white herbal Chinese medicine called Yunnan Baiyao. This has been traditionally formulated to transform Stasis (state of inactivity or equilibrium), resolve stagnation, tonify Qi (functional grouping relationships), invigorate blood and clear heat.

When evaluated by western medicine, it is found to have a physiologic effect which is the ability to stop bleeding. When all its properties are combined, then it has the ability to step bleeding and enhance healing.

Direct application on open wounds, into the abdominal cavity, and into tooth extraction sites are possible with this medicine also known as YBY and it can also be taken orally. In order to prevent adverse bleeding during surgery, university surgeons are using YBY capsules orally. When surgical intervention is not an option or when it has failed YBY has been used to treat anemia, improve the quality of life and prolong life.

Although YBY is already getting popular with writers and is already commonly seen in many household medicine cabinets, its proper application has not been noted.

YBY has also been used to stop bleeding by placing them in open wounds and it can also function as an analgesic for pain caused by trauma or what TCM calls blood stagnation. When it is taken internally, the analgesic effect is more effective.

Even to animals, when compared to any other veterinary blood stop powder, this has been proven to be more superior since unlike those others products, traces of ammonia and aluminum are found in them which can be toxic to the body, other than its inability to reduce pain.

YBY powder is completely safe for the body because its ingredients are all natural coming from plants. Although the process of making this powder is known, the Chinese government is secretly guarding the actual ingredients that it contains.

There are many forms and formulations that this medicine comes in. Originally, it came in the form of a powder in a vial but it can now be found in capsule form or a plaster. However, the plasters contain unnatural chemicals so that it will stick.

The powdered formula however has multiple purposes. It acts as a coagulant when applied directly into the wound to therefore seal the cut and stop the blood from flowing out, which is similar to the body’s ability to clot the blood.

The capsule functions as an analgesic to take away pain from a wound or any bodily pain and it is said to be stronger than aspirin in treating traumatic injuries. If you want to treat pain, the best way is to take the analgesic internally. It is not good for pregnant women to take this analgesic internally because it can cause abortion.

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