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What to Look For When Buying Medications Over-the-Counter Before buying medicine, it is important to get a doctor’s prescription. There are times when the pain gets worse, and you are probably unable to reach the doctor, and you have to get the drugs with no prescription. This are mostly medications like painkillers and those meant to treat the colds and flu. Overdose and overuse of these drugs lead to death. Since you are purchasing a drug without the doctor’s consent, ensure that it is safe to use. A person can question so much about the effectiveness of a said drug. Also, with so many generic medicine it can be quite tricky for one to know if a said generic drug is the same as the original. Thinking about all the odds when headed to the drug store can be quite overwhelming. Know the medication that would suit you before stepping your feet into the drugstore to avoid confusion. There are some tips that help in knowing the right kind of medication a person would require.
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Before Purchase, read carefully the label on the medicine. The listing of all ingredients in the drugs a must read. Know what the active ingredient is used for and also know the kind of illness that it can heal.
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Reading the label will help you know if the drug is an original or a generic. The original drug differs from the generic in that a number of ingredients is not the same amount. If they are identical, then mostly they will have the same effects on your symptoms. For a person with an allergic reaction, reading the inactive ingredients present is also important. In most cases the inactive ingredients have no effect on the people with no allergic reactions. Drugs with a combination of the active ingredients should be avoided buying over the counter due to their strength. Pick a drug with one active ingredient in case you want to suppress something like a cold or a headache. The pharmacist should be able to help you in case you are not sure of what to ask. In the cases where an illness like a sore throat brings other symptoms like a headache, then you will need to treat the core sickness, and the other will stop. It is important to avoid treating the several symptoms with various medications. People with underlying medical conditions should be very cautious when it comes to buying the drugs. Ingredients in some counter drugs may interfere with the drugs that you are currently taking. Ensure you have read the label well to see if the medicine is against taking them along with other drugs and also confirm with the pharmacist. Know when visiting a doctor is right for you and when you can give yourself a prescription.