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Best Product Comparison Tools for E-commerce E-commerce is gaining popularity as many buyers turn to online buying because of its effectiveness in delivering the desired product quickly.And an important part of the online buying process is comparison.Best choice of the product desired can be made when one has the ability to compare those products on offer.Effective comparison was initially hampered by the inconvenience of searching for the hidden compare button.Providing a strategically placed compare button on sites has now made it easier to choose between different products. If you have an online buying site, you need to configure it in a way that can make it faster for clients to compare your products and therefore enhance their online shopping experience.Given below are different approaches to achieve this. The Select and Compare Approach The process involved the selection of two or more products then clicking the compare button.Having to go through the entire list to select the desired items made this a very tedious exercise. It even meant having to repeat the entire process,for those sites with many items, in case one had forgotten to select their products.Providing access to the ‘Select to Compare’ button has somehow improved the process.Selecting an item to review will present you with a clearly visible compare button that then presents several similar products to review.There’s also the option of a pop-up button that presents itself once you select two or more items to view. Use of Filters to Make Comparison Narrowing down your search of products is made possible by use of filters incorporated into sites.This means that products are listed and categorized on their site into various groups having as many similar descriptions as possible.This can be achieved by listing the products and grouping together those with similar descriptions.It then becomes easy to compare the items once the filter has been applied. Custom-Made Comparison Pages Because retail sites deal with items from different manufacturers, this approach may not be appropriate.It is best suited for sites selling similar products.Such sites usually make a specific product comparison page that allows buyers to make comparison from the onset.The products are then listed and grouped together with regard to similarity of features on the same page.Thus the buyer can easily access this information on a single page instead having to browse through several. These three approaches have been applied individually as well as collectively by different sites to make it easier and convenient for buyers to access their products online. Online shopping for products at your site will be significantly improved if you consider applying any of these approaches.This will result in client satisfaction, guaranteeing you profits in the process.

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