Jeavons Syndrome: Is Cannabis an Effective Treatment

Evidence continues to mount that the use of marijuana to treat different illnesses, including chronic conditions, does make a difference. When it comes to different forms of epilepsy, the use of some type of liquid extract can often provide relief from pain and aid in moderating episodes. A lot of attention has focused on using this approach to treating a form of epilepsy known as Jeavons Syndrome. Here is what this type of treatment could accomplish for some people with this condition.

Understanding Jeavons Syndrome

A person with this condition experiences several different symptoms. Many will have seizures that last for several seconds before subsiding. The seizures take place multiple times each day. During that time, the individual appears to detached from the rest of the world. The eyelids may flutter, and the individual will not be able to verbally respond. Typically, the individual is left feeling weak after the seizure. There is also the potential for some degree of light sensitivity to be present.

One of the more common treatment options is the use of medications normally employed to manage anxiety disorders. While they can help reduce the frequency of the seizures, they also come with a number of side effects. That’s one of the reasons patients and medical professionals alike have begun to pay more attention to the possibility of using medical marijuana as means of managing the condition.

What Form Seems to be Most Helpful?

There are those in the medical field who have obtained permission to administer a cannabis extract to patients with this form of epilepsy. At present, a drop or two of the extract under the tongue seems to provide many patients a break from the seizures that can take place throughout the day. Many patients note that while the extract does provide some calming properties, it does not dull the senses or increase lethargy the way that using anti-anxiety medications seem to do.

As laws continue to change and more medical marijuana users report their experiences, there is an opportunity to monitor the short-term and the long-term effects. That includes the ability to improve the quality of life and allow people who feel as if they can’t leave their homes to get out, see friends, and build a life for themselves.