The Path To Finding Better Nurses

Background about Staff Nursing

Staff nurses are called upon in various areas in the medical discipline. Depending on which field they are fit into, staff nurses can be called either RMN or RGN. If a nurse works in the psychiatric or mental health field, the title they use is RMN or registered mental nurse. Nurses who work without specific specializations would belong to the title of RGN or registered general nurse. There are other different areas that nurses can work, such as in the home or in community clinics. They can work in hospitals with options to be in the In-Patient unit or Out-Patient unit, in the Intensive Care Unit, and others.

The main job of a nurse is to give care to those individuals who need it. Taking care of a patient is the responsibility of the staff nurse when the patient is under his or her care. Nursing care means doing regular checkups and monitoring of the patient’s condition and statistics. The staff nurse is also responsible for providing the treatments to the patients. These treatments follow a certain schedule that the staff nurse has to strictly follow to obtain the effects on the patient. This implies then that it is the responsibility of the staff nurse to properly provide the treatment to ensure the overall recovery of the patient. Explaining to patients the reason behind the treatments is also an important job for staff nurses so they would be able to implement the treatment properly.

Working as a group or team, staff nurses can perform other nursing care and responsibilities. The planning and implementing of the nursing care policies is a responsibility of the team. Ongoing practices and implementations of the nursing care policies are evaluated by this team, and they are led by a senior officer who foresees the overall performance of the group.

These staff nurses also perform administrative tasks like completion of paper works and reports.

A warm personality and patient are the qualifications of a dental nurse in the area of dental medicine. The one who completes the administrative tasks, especially in the dental surgery situation, is the dental nurse. During dental treatment, the key role of a dental nurse is to give support to the dentist. Their jobs would cover the cleaning and disinfecting of the area and equipment in the clinic.

A staff nurse generally should be a good communicator and has a pleasant personality, aside from is or her medical ability. This because the staff nurse works alongside with the dentist and he or she should be able to work closely with calm and supportive skills.

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