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Tips for Picking a Spine Surgeon Your pain is getting so unbearable that you are contemplating spinal surgery to get relief. You need to find the right spine surgeon to operate on you. So, what’s the right formula for choosing one? Well, follow the steps outlined below. Tops factors to consider Find someone who:
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Certified by the board and mainly deals with spinal surgery
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Is experienced in treating conditions such as your own Works at a healthcare facility that is known to be successful with spinal surgeries Accepts your insurance You’re comfortable talking to and who answers your questions fully The following are 5 steps you need to follow to locate the best spine surgeon. Ask people around you Start by writing down the names of potential surgeons. Ask your colleagues, loved ones, friends, and other medical practitioners for recommendations. Research their qualifications and experience Take your time to research the surgeon’s credentials and experience. Find someone who’s certified by the board of spinal surgeons and regularly performs spinal surgery. The more experience a surgeon has in treating your issue, the better they’re in treating and preventing such complications. Also ensure that the spine surgeon has a clean bill of health from state and federal authorities and that he/she doesn’t have disciplinary actions as well as malpractice claims. Check the hospital’s performance A highly qualified and experienced surgeon is required in spinal surgery. Therefore, you should also take into account the general care quality of the hospital where a surgeon works. If a given hospital is short of quality care, find out if the surgeon works at other healthcare facilities. Otherwise, find someone who practices at a high-quality hospital and can give you the best results. Interview the spine surgeon As you narrow your list down, call each surgeon’s office to schedule a consultation in which to interview them. Are you fine with the way you and the surgeon communicate? Do they respect your views and answer your questions well and in a simple way? Some questions to ask a surgeon: Do you usually treat people like me? How many spinal surgeries have you done? What sort of results do you usually receive? Do you have results data to share? How frequent do complications occur with your surgeries? How do you handle or avoid complications? Assess your insurance benefit Your insurance plan is a very important matter. To receive maximum insurance benefits as well as pay the least out of your wallet, find a surgeon that’s a member of your plan. But remember: having surgeon that fits your plan doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a good fit. You’ll still have to take their expertise and experience into account. If you’re contemplating spinal surgery, make sure to find a surgeon that’s highly qualified and experienced. Follow the above steps in order to find someone who’s the right fit for you.