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What Not to Do When Hiring an In Home Caregiver It’s our responsibility to make sure that our parents and grandparents get the care and attention they need, especially when they start to give in to the symptoms of old age and disease. Sadly, children and grandchildren don’t always have the time to spare to personally care for their elderly loved ones because of their own responsibilities and obligations. The solution that many have found is to hire an in home caregiver. It’s important to make sure you consider a few important factors however before you hire anyone. After all, you wouldn’t want to entrust your elderly loved one with someone who is ill prepared for the job or who has dark intentions. Learn more about the common mistakes made when hiring in home caregivers so you don’t fall into the same trap. 1. Skipping the Background Check – It pays to keep in mind that there are a lot of people out there who are looking for an easy way out of joblessness by taking on work opportunities that seem easy and effortless. If these people stumble upon your offer, they just might take the chance and pretend to be a certified in home caregiver. With this in mind, it’s ideal that you perform the necessary background checks to make sure that those applying for the position are actually capable of doing a good job. Ask for the necessary certification documents and proof of identity and don’t forget to secure a copy of these for future reference. 2. Leaving Out the Contract – A lot of people think that hiring an in home caregiver is as easy as simply agreeing with someone to take care of their elderly or sick loved one, but that’s not actually the case. It’s always best to prepare a contract as hiring an in home caregiver does mean you’re entering an employer-employee relationship. In your contract, you should enumerate all the details of the job as well as the salary, incentives, and penalties for future reference. Should any legal issues arise, this will serve as your proof.
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3. Overlooking the Interview – It would be best to get to know your new in home caregiver before you make a hire on top of the credentials and contract. If your in home caregiver seems irritable, impatient, and easy to anger, then you would be much better off finding someone else to fill in the vacancy. It pays to keep in mind that the task of caring for an elderly loved one isn’t easy, and if the person you hire doesn’t have affection for the one their tasked to take care of, they might end up doing something that could hurt the elderly you’ve entrusted them to attend to.Practical and Helpful Tips: Options