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How Will You Know If You Are In Need Of Spinal Surgery? Spinal surgery is a surgery done on the spine to alleviate pain and this is done in several ways. The four kinds of spinal surgery would include fixation, microdiscectomy (lumbar laminectomy), lumbar fusion, and decompressive laminectomy. These four are the most common type of surgery done on people with any form of spinal injury or pain. Here are the four types of surgeries and their descriptions: When Will A Patient Need Microdiscectomy?
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When you suffer from a ruptured disc or what they call as a herniated disc, you have to go through microdiscectomy. Before you even go through with this procedure, your doctor needs to make sure that there is no other issue but just a ruptured disc. The surgeon who has to perform this procedure has to have the right equipment for the task because this is a special operation that involves special instruments to, although only a small incision is made all through the process. Because only a small cut is made, the muscles are less damaged and so you can expect that you will be able to heal faster and better. Back in the day, surgeons use general anesthesia wherein the patient will not be able to feel anything, anywhere in his body, but nowadays, people prefer an epidural. The reason why only a small incision is involved in the process is because surgeon will only remove ruptured parts of the disc and its all done.
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What Is Lumbar Fusion? If you are a patient who suffers from instability of your spine then you might want to consider going through Lumbar Fusion. Bone fusion will come from the back or the pelvis and if that is not an option then surgeons could always use artificial bone supplement. For the vertebrae to gain more stability, the bone prepared will be filled in between the vertebrae. If you undergo this process, do not go on expecting automatic results because bone growth will take some time and this procedure is just the beginning. When the procedure is done, the vertebral column of the patient is still in a very sensitive state so patients are required to wear a protective brace for their back so as not to disrupt the growing bone inside. X-rays are done from time to time just to check that the bone is growing properly and in the event that something is not right, like if the bone is somehow growing in the wrong place, then there might be a need for the doctors to do internal fixation with the use of a few rods and screws. What Is Fixation? Fixation is a process done when more stability is needed by the bone even after lumbar fusion.