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Which Methods Can You Use for Testosterone Replacement?

You should not worry if you are experiencing low levels of testosterone, as a substitute therapy can be of help. What symptoms or signs can tell you that you need to boost your testosterone levels?

There are ways you can tell that you have low testosterone levels. There is little sex drive which is also called libido and having erectile dysfunction. When one also experiences fatigue and reduced energy levels can be another sign. Another way you can tell you need its replacement if you have decreased muscle bulk, irritability, and despair. When you are feeling continuously insecure, lack of concentration and losing your hair may mean low testosterone levels.

You should not, however, go for therapy before you have a consultation with a professional. You can go ahead and start the therapy if the experts approve and you can now improve your sex zeal. You will also report improved verve levels after the replacement.

Before you embark on treating your condition, talk with your doctor. Let him ensure you are safe from some adverse side effects of testosterone therapy.

There are several types of testosterone replacement therapy that you can have. The testosterones can be injected or implanted in your body. With the injection, the hormones will reach your bloodstream through the muscles. The implantations in form of pellets can also be done on your skin. The testosterone will steadily move into the bloodstream after the injection or the implantations.

The other method you can choose is the mouth covering method. After you stick the striant on your gums twice a day, the hormones will gradually move into your bloodstream through the fleshy tissues. The tablet will stick onto the upper gum of your front tooth.

There is another method you can use called skin patch. The doctor will help you wear the androderm on the arm or any part of the upper body. You could also apply gels. In the androgel and Testim there are clear packets of testosterone gel. You will leave the balm containing the testosterone to be taken in gradually into the bloodstream after you use it once daily. You can also get Nateso, a gel you will use inside your nose. There are other few gels that are bought with delivery pumps for transportation of the hormones. They are better for following doctor’s prescription.

There is also another method where the hormones are administered orally. The doctors advice men to less use the oral method to avoid ill effects on the liver. Other methods given above can be comfortably used as they do not tamper with the liver.