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Interesting Facts About Dental Health When it comes to dental health and how dentists can help you, the initial impression is that both are topics that are quite uninteresting. While you probably are already aware about basic dental health things like maintaining oral hygiene and visiting the dental office regularly, there are actually several fun facts you still don’t know. This is what this article is all about. 1 – Chewing gum is actually helpful. But be reminded that not every chewing is good for you; and as a matter of fact, it only can be good for you and your mouth if it’s sugar-free gum. By chewing on sugar-free gum, tiny food debris that remain in your teeth will be removed. Additionally, chewing gum encourages the production of saliva in the mouth, and that’s actually a good thing because saliva is the catalyst in the prevention of tooth decay.
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2 – Celery can be utilized as a natural toothbrush.
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When it comes to foods that contribute in cleaning your teeth, you probably are already aware that carrots and apples are the most popular choices. But aside from those two, celery is another option for you, and this time, it helps in a way that it acts as a natural toothbrush. Thus, by munching on celery, you’re actually cleaning your teeth. The abrasive properties of celery and several other fruits and vegetables allow the wiping off plaque and food particles that stubbornly stick to the surface of the teeth. However, it should be noted that no fruit or vegetable out there can replace the effectiveness of brushing your teeth the usual way. 3 – A lot of people, maybe including you, hate the idea of flossing. According to a survey conducted by the American Academy of Periodontology, majority of respondents would rather do household chores like washing dirty dishes or cleaning the toilet than flossing their teeth. However, you should realize right about now that flossing teeth is essential because it gets rid of the stubborn food debris hiding in between your teeth and gums. 4 – Ask any dentist and they’ll tell that their patients don’t really tell the truth all the time. In fairness to patients, most of the things they lie about is really on how they do their oral hygiene routines. This means that while you tell your dentist you do regular flossing and brushing, they can easily detect and figure out that you’re not really doing your job well. 5 – The gums are so soft and fragile that you need to give them double the protection you give your teeth. You obviously have experienced bleeding gums before. That’s why if you ask a dentist for advice, he or she will recommend using a toothbrush with soft bristles so that they won’t cause bleeding gums once you brush your teeth. So those right there are some of the fun dental health facts you can add to your knowledge book. Keep in mind that in dental health, you also have a responsibility and that not everything is reliant upon the dentist.