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How To Know If A Person Is Suffering From An Erectile Dysfunction And How To Treat Them Erectile dysfunction refers to the point that a man is not able to keep an erection at a given time. Men can have dysfunctions in many ways. Knowing the trigger will help one know if it is physical or psychological. Sexual activity with a partner is highly affected by this. This is a common sickness affecting the male group in the world today and it increases as one ages. Physical problems that affect a man’s body is the main cause of this. This has been known to be highly present among people suffering from diabetes or those who have undergone surgery. The level of testosterone in a man is to be considered. Poor healthy living styles which involves in indulging in a lot of alcohol and also smoking can cause this as well. Psychological problems that a man may be going through usually causes this. Depression and stress as well as anxiety can cause this. The lack of good performance in bed is also a factor to consider that brings this problems.
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Men of a certain age especially after fifty years are mostly affected. A poor blood flow is a major cause in this. Nerve endings that have a problem are also to be blamed for this. Apart from that psychological problems have a bigger part to play in this. Subjecting one to a lot of stress in the workplace or even being in a relationship conflict can be a cause for this. Chronic illnesses that are common to people of age like diabetes and high blood pressure are a cause for this.
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A disease like this is tested through physical examination by the doctor. This may involve a check of your male genitals and testicles and through questioning on your medical history. The doctors questions in such a case is usually very personal, it is important to answer them regardless for a good diagnosis. Cases where the doctor needs further help then they send the patient to probably an urologist. The treatment given is usually based on the mental and physical problems that cause it. Other times it is the blood flow that needs to be taken care of and therefore a doctor is able to prescribe some medication for that. For those with psychological problems them a therapist is usually referred. A penile implant can also be done in some cases. There are basic ways to prevent the dysfunction that one can consider. The most common one is reducing the alcohol intake or even quitting altogether. This also goes along with smoking. To prevent anxiety have a good communication with your partner about this. In the case that you have any of the symptoms, it will be wrong to give medications to yourself and therefore it is important to seek medical advice first.