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How Florence Nightingale Nursing Theories Shaped the Nursing Profession Florence Nightingale is recognized as the mother of modern nursing, which makes her very well-known to people in the medical field. Her nursing theories helped develop the present-day practices in the profession. Florence Nightingale is doubtlessly contributed so much to the nursing and the medical field from her observations in the war to her notes. Back in the day, nuns, people in the military or women volunteers were the ones who practiced nursing while caring for sick people. And back then, nursing practices were not under any formal regulation. That is why during those times, nursing was not regarded as profession. During wartime, Florence Nightingale was a nurse in a military hospital. While taking care of injured or wounded soldiers, she took note of many great observations. She saw a direct connection between the hygienic condition of the patients and their recovery. In other words, she found that those who are in a more sanitary situation had a greater chance of healing from their wounds.
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These led Nightingale to doing her biggest contribution to the nursing practice that is prevalent up to now. Because of those observations, she worked to provide that patients hygienic environments. However, it were not only the patients who she kept always clean, she also worked hard to keep the hospital environment sanitary. Since then, those who were working as medical personal needed to keep themselves clean. Furthermore, medical tools and bed sheets were always sanitized. The Florence Nightingale nursing theories emerged from these practices. Technically, those practices pertain to Nightingale’s Environment Theory that greatly influenced modern nursing and medical practices.
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Through the efforts of Florence Nightingale, nursing became recognized as a profession. Morevoer, formal schooling has been put in place for those men and women who want to devote their lives caring for the health of other individuals. Furthermore, the nursing professions has turned to become an essential component of the modern and growing society. In addition to the knowledge acquired through instruction, nursed are guided by a code of ethics. Today, nurses practice the profession in various environments inside and outside the hospital. Nurses are no longer confined in hospitals as they also work in schools, corporate offices and visit patient’s homes. Moreover, they can also be healthcare consultants and advisers. However, no matter where they serve as nurses or whichever field they specialize in, they still take guidance from the theories of Florence Nightingale. A nurse is required to not only have expertise in the field but also have compassion and genuine care for the sick. But the nursing profession will not the same without the contributions of Florence Nightingale. To read more, click here.