Can you Private Label CBD products?

CBD (cannabidiol) is helping more and more people, but Private Labeling CBD products can be tricky.

           CBD Private Label and CBD Wholesale

A CBD Private Label product is not the same thing as purchasing wholesale CBD products; CBD private laves  has nothing to do with whether or not you’re participating in a multilevel marketing company (such as Mary Kay).  It means that you purchase raw materials like carrier oils or hemp oil from one vendor, then order pre-dissolved distilled CBD powder along with any other ingredients (which may include flavorings, additives, preservatives etc.) from another supplier, combine them yourself at home using your own equipment and package it all together under your brand name.          Wholesale suppliers will usually give you a Private Labeling option if your order is large enough, while CBD oil manufacturers will Private Label pre-dissolved CBD distillate on request.  However, some suppliers might require you to purchase their Private Labeled products in bulk at a wholesale price for them to agree to Private Labeling.

          The big problem with Private Labelling CBD is that many companies sell both private and public labeled products right next to each other and it’s even hard to tell the difference between them.  It’s likely that we’ve all purchased Private Labeled products before without knowing it.  When you’re buying bottled water, the brand name “Aqua Pure” can easily be confused as a Private Label product as opposed the name of the company who owns the Private Label: Aqua Distilling.  When you buy Private Labeled CBD, the CBD bottle will often say something like “blended and bottled by” or “made with love by” — but not always!

CBD Private Label Problems and Wrongs        

The big problem with Private Labeling is that it’s hard to know whether your Private Labeled product was made using high quality ingredients and there isn’t much of a way to verify that the company who Private Labels for you has even dissolved their distillate into carrier oil correctly (which is very important for bioavailability).  A Private Label manufacturer might use cheap ethanol and other chemicals instead of pure food-grade vegetable glycerin when making Private Label pre-dissolved CBD products.  

          Even though this article is about Private Label CBD products, it’s important to emphasize that raw CBD isolate and full spectrum distillate are both very different than Private Labeled pre-dissolved distilled CBD.  If you want to learn more about how Private Labelling works, continue reading.

          Raw isolated hemp oil or full spectrum hemp extract is a completely natural product with phytocannabinoids and terpenes intact in their purest form.  These compounds can’t be patented and must be sold wholesale for processing into Private Label CBD products by manufacturers — but Private Labeling is expensive because the Private Label manufacturer has to buy two sets of ingredients from two separate suppliers at a higher cost.    In contrast, Private Labeled pre-dissolved distilled CBD is a Private Label manufacturer’s own product which they dissolve in carrier oil and add colorings, preservatives etc.  They do not follow the proper packaging and labelling standards of Private Labeled products that comply with FDA regulations