Common myths and misconceptions about weight loss

Weight loss and weight gain are two sides of the same coin. Someone is struggling to shed off those extra kilos and inches from their body, while on the other hand there are a few who are struggling to gain weight but in a healthy way. 

Whether you are on a weight loss or weight gain journey, the obstacles that come in the way will be many. Don’t quit or be disheartened, keep yourself motivated and smash your goals. There are certain myths and misconceptions about weight loss that you need to be know! 

  1. Skipping breakfast will cause weight loss 

It is a common myth that skipping a meal will help with weight loss as it controls the number of calories you intake. But did you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Various studies have shown that people who skipped breakfast during childhood and adulthood have larger waist circumference, higher fasting insulin levels, and a higher cholesterol levels. 

So if you are planning to lose weight or want to maintain a healthy weight, ask your dietician about healthy and nutritious breakfast options that’ll suit your body type and give best results. 

  1. The only way to lose weight is by eliminating carbohydrates from your diet 

Low carb diets are often said to be the miracle that’ll help with weight loss. It is true that excess of everything is bad for your body. But eliminating carbohydrates completely from your diet is not the solution. Carbs are needed for energy production and are essential for various other functions in the body especially the complex carbs. Fibre creates bulk in your body and helps eliminate excess fat from the body. Eating excess carbohydrate rich foods will definitely cause weight gain. So make sure you consult your dietician to get a balanced diet plan. 

  1. Weight loss supplements are all you need 

A lot of people believe that once they’ve started taking weight loss supplements like weight loss tablets or meal replacement shakes, they can eat whatever they want. That’s not true. Weight loss supplements should be taken as dietary supplements. They show best results when taken in conjugation with a balanced diet and optimal workout routine. 

Also it is important to understand that not all weight loss supplements will show the same results. Some supplements might suit your friend and the same supplement might show great results for you. It is best to consult your doctor to know which GNC weight loss supplement will be best suitable as per your individual health and wellness concerns. 

Some of the top selling GNC weight loss supplements that you can check out include the following 2 categories. 

GNC fat burners and thermogenics – 

  • GNC NDS Censor 
  • GNC Total Lean – Lean Burn 60 
  • GNC Pro Performance L-Carnitine 
  • GNC Garcinia Cambogia 
  • GNC BodyDynamix CLA 

GNC appetite control and diet support supplements – 

  • GNC BodyDynamix Water Shedding Pill 
  • GNC Total Lean Waterex 
  • GNC Herbal Plus Green Tea Complex 
  • GNC Total Lean Appetrex Control 
  1. Sugar is your enemy 

There is misconception that minimally processed sugars like honey or maple syrup are healthier alternative to processed sugar when taken in an appropriate amount. On the contrary, you’d be surprised to know that our body processes all sugars in the same way regardless of the source. The gut reduces all sugars into monosaccharides. All types of sugars provide 4 calories per gram. But still when you are on your weight loss journey, the first thing people will tell you – cut down sugar from your diet. If you consume too much sugar in the form of desserts or processed food, then of course you need to cut those out from your diet, but eliminating sugar completely from your diet for weight loss is not recommended. 

It is also seen that people often switch to artificial sweeteners. These may reduce your calorie intake, but various studied have shown that artificial sweeteners may cause gradual memory loss and even unwanted weight gain. According to researchers, observational data shows that regular consumption of artificial sweeteners can be associated with increasing the BMI (body mass index) and cardiometabolic rate. Before you start consuming any artificial sweetener, make sure to seek medical help and ask your doctor about it. 

  1. Meal replacement shakes are not for people who want to lose weight 

Meal replacement shakes are fortified with protein, carbohydrates, fats, and other essential nutrients. They are a great option for people who are always on the go, don’t have time for proper meals, or want to restrict their calorie intake, without compromising on nutrition. Meal replacement shakes help with weight loss and weight management. They are highly satiable and the high fiber content makes you feel fuller for longer. Check out GNC meal replacement powders and combos that you can use for your weight loss journey. 

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