Dr. Andrew A Jacono Explains Why Plastic Surgery for Men is Trending Right Now 

Plastic surgery has long been thought of as exclusively for women. Times, however, are changing, and many men are realizing that cosmetic surgery is one of the best ways to retain their youth long-term. In fact, Dr. Andrew A Jacono, a leading New York plastic surgeon who has operated on highly influential New Yorkers like designer Marc Jacobs and actress Sonja Morgan, notes that 30% of his clients are men.

Why Are More Men Opting for Plastic Surgery?

There are a few reasons why men are turning to expert plastic surgeons like Dr. Jacono for facelifts and other aesthetic procedures. One is that, on average, men are staying in the workforce for longer and feel the need to keep up with their younger colleagues. Another reason is that some men are concerned about looking haggard at the office or when speaking to important clients. At the same time, recent advances in the field of plastic surgery have offered men and women alike more options; some procedures, for example, are minimally invasive and have short recovery periods, and outcomes appear more natural than they ever have. Lastly, the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting lockdowns took a huge mental and physical toll on men, who came through the ordeal in need of something more dramatic than Botox and filler injections.

Enter Dr. Andrew Jacono

Dr. Andrew A Jacono is considered a leader in his field in the Big Apple. This is not only because of his signature Minimal Access Deep Plane Extended (MADE) facelift technique, but also because of his successful use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy to hasten the healing process. After Marc Jacobs underwent his facelift, he documented his recovery, first showing viewers an image of his face wrapped in bandages and then a picture of himself in a hyperbaric oxygen treatment chamber. He was left looking and feeling “fresh as a daisy.”

The entire facelift process, from the first incision to final bandage removal, takes about ten days, which can be a major advantage for particularly busy men who can’t afford to take weeks off of work to heal. Dr. Jacono’s demonstrated success with male patients is even more impressive considering that it is often more difficult to perform a facelift on a man than on a woman.

Having a facelift—or any other cosmetic procedure—isn’t cheap, but for Marc Jacobs and others like him, the results are worth the time and expense. What’s more, undergoing plastic surgery is not just about looking young again, but about staying in line with workplace expectations. During a time when it is more important than ever to look the part, men on the cutting-edge of their field understand how important it is to project self-confidence around clients and business partners; having a facelift with Dr. Andrew A Jacono just about guarantees that you will look and feel your best for a long time to come, and that your peers will react positively.

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