Famous Indonesian Food In Tourist Area

Indonesian food is famous for its high taste, unique, and not forget also kepedasannya. For tourists, visiting Indonesia is incomplete if you do not taste Indonesian culinary. For those of you who claim to be Indonesian people should be proud because this food is not only delicious but also famous among the tourists. Here are 10 most intriguing Indonesian foods.

Fried rice

Not only popular in Indonesia, fried rice is also quite popular in Southeast Asia. The origin of this food is still confusing. Some say that fried rice comes from Indonesia and some are saying that fried rice is a real food from China. But one thing for sure is the fried rice in each country has a different uniqueness, as well as with Indonesia.


Let’s guess what this food is? This food is a typical food called Padang rendang. Although delicious, it makes rendang is not easy. It takes time and also a lot of practice to be able to process rendang into a delicious meal. Because it comes from Padang famous for its spicy food, rendang also has a pretty spicy flavor in the mouth.
The main ingredient for making rendang is meat of cow. Rendang is a delicious rendang that is easy to chew. Not only must be tender, beef must also be added with a spicy taste can then be called as rendang. If there is an important celebration, rendang meat will usually be stored until dry. Rendang meat that has dried up he said will feel much better. if you want to make rendang more easy you can use simple spices of rendang .


It’s not complete if in this list does not include the name of sate. Sate is one of the typical Indonesian food cooked by sticking a stick on the meat and then burned with charcoal. Meat used for satay usually vary. Some use chicken, goat, rabbit, and even sheep.
In Indonesia, sate is a traditional food that has been famous for a long time. Initially, sate was introduced to Indonesia by Arab traders. Sate can be consumed immediately after being burnt. But some people think that sate will taste more delicious when eaten together with rice or ketupat.

Chili shrimp paste

As we mentioned earlier that Indonesia is known for its spicy food. And one of the famous spicy foods is chili paste. Chili paste can be used as a complement to every food. Because of the delicious chili paste makes a lot of people who think that eating is not complete if there is no chili paste.
Known for its spicy food, many racing restaurants feature the best chili sauce. Usually people eat chili paste along with other foods such as lalapan, fried tempe, fried chicken, and also fried fish. Each person or restaurant usually has its own standard to create chili paste. The number of choices is certainly making us become more curious to try shrimp paste Sauce.