Fever and Colds Detection Guide

Having a cold usually doesn’t mean that something dangerous will happen to you but sometimes time matters a lot and detecting it at the right moment can help you overcome it faster. We now have many different kinds that can be very harmful or can lead to death so make sure you stay healthy especially in the flu season.

You can almost every time notice that you will get it so try to use some prevention measures and visit your doctor so they can check if they are signs of any disease. Having a cold can turn out to be something more serious like Coronavirus or any other that can destroy your immune system in a week. It’s also important to be able to notice it at other people that live in your household so you can react on time. Get more information here: https://athena-security.com/coronavirus-detection

What is a Common Cold and How to Treat It?

A virus is always responsible for the supper respiratory infection usually called flu. Most people don’t know that threats are everyone and there are over 200 viruses that can attack our system. They are very contagious and in most cases are transferred by sneezing and even breathing near someone. You can get it at any time of the year but there is the season when it spreads faster and also seasons where it isn’t likely to spread like warm weather.

They thrive in low humidity and dirty areas so clean your household to prevent it. If your immune system isn’t strong enough, you can catch it by only touching the surface that is infected. After touching the surface, you will unknowingly rub your nose, eyes or mouth. When you are exposed to it, the first two to four days are crucial.

Antibiotics are not the way to go because it is a viral infection but some medications like acetaminophen, decongestants and antihistamines can relieve aches, congestion and other symptoms. More importantly, you need to take in a lot of fluids because it will dehydrate you. A good thing is that you have many natural remedies that work great like taking vitamin C and zinc.

Reaction time matters here the most, so these natural remedies will have the biggest impact if you take them in the first 24 hours. Vitamins won’t directly attack it like medication but they will make your immune system stronger. It should be clear within a week up to two weeks and it’s recommended to visit the doctor if your temperature doesn’t drop after a few days.

How to Prevent It?

Even if we have modern medicine that did a lot in the past few years, we still don’t have a vaccine that can treat a common cold. This means that it’s on the people to make sure it doesn’t spread if we talk about a more dangerous virus. Avoidance is a crucial factor so avoid sick people or avoid others if you have the flu.

In the time of coronavirus, the number one thing every country tells their people is to stay home and not to share things we use on a daily basis. They also recommend washing your hands before every meal and before and after every activity. If it becomes more serious for you, wear protective equipment like face mask and gloves.

How to React?

You will need to know what to look for in order to react on time. Dry cough and sore throat are some of the first things you will notice. Stuffy nose and sneezing mean that you already caught it and you should try to boost your immune system to fight the disease. In more serious cases, you will feel fatigued and muscle aches which is the time to visit the doctor. Read more on this page.

An important thing is not to panic because some people will start to take a lot of medication and foods they don’t need. Your system isn’t made to get that kind of load for a short period of time. Boosting your health takes time and proper diet so take it slowly and improve your hygiene. Don’t read a bunch of articles online that claim they can figure out what is wrong with you instead visit a professional.

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