Four Alternative Cancer Treatments

Being diagnosed with cancer is terrifying. You would only have a single option now though, and it is to start efficiently battling the disease on all fronts. In many cases the conventional procedures show improvement in the status of the patient, however, there are those that search for alternative methods as the conventional medicine seems to be failing them. These treatments are being pioneered by treatment centres such as Cancer Treatment Mexico. Alternative medicine usually does not directly attempt to cure the cancer, but it certainly relieves you from its symptoms and those from the treatments. The influence of nausea, fatigue, anxiety, vomiting, and pain could be lessened by quite a bit.


The following list of four alternative cancer treatments tackles different things:

  • Acupuncture

One of the most famous eastern therapies spread in the western culture. If you are unaware of it, though, it is basically the insertion of tiny needless on your skin on accurate points. Research has shown that acupuncture could help with the nausea which is caused by chemotherapy as well as relieve you from some types of pain. The therapy is safe as long as it is conducted by a professional and the needless should not worry you.

  • Aromatherapy

Anxiety is quite common for people who were diagnosed with cancer. Through the utilization of different types of oils, aromatherapy tries to provide a calming environment for the person. The different kinds of scents and massages are meant to relieve you from stress and pain, which will also lead you to forget about nausea.

While it is possible to perform the therapy by yourself, the best effect would come if you go to an expert. If you are diagnosed with cancer you could be sensitive to estrogen, which means that some types of oils should be avoided. The professional will be aware of those issues.

  • Hypnosis

Contrary on skeptical people’s belief hypnosis does work as long as you choose to give in to it. The therapist will try to put you in a more relaxed state in order to allow you to control the pain you experience and reduce your stress levels.

  • Medical Marijuana

Fortunately, almost all states have either legalized marijuana for medical purposes or recreational use. It was a long time coming as the plant has proved countless times the beneficial effects it could have when taken in proper dosages and environment. The THC which is a main compound of the marijuana is well known to help a person be relieved from pain and nausea. It also reduces inflammation and could potentially act as an antioxidant. It is also known to reduce anxiety, but in some cases, people might experience paranoia, which is most likely quite a reduced negative effect after the legalization of the drug.

The main reason marijuana is prescribed to cancer patients is to help them deal with nausea and to restore the patient’s appetite as well as its ability to reduce the experienced pain in some types of cancer.

Some alternative treatments may work better than other depending on the thing you are aiming for. Marijuana would be the best for handling nausea, while aromatherapy might best tackle anxiety.

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