Iontophoresis machines and procedures

Iontophoresis is one of the most popular procedures in non-invasive cosmetology. Such sessions can be on any part of body: face, hands, feet, armpits. What is facial iontophoresis? There is a little bit information about iontophoresis machines, procedures, hyperhidrosis (hands or feet sweating) at this article.

Iontophoresis in cosmetology is a procedure that is possible thanks to machines which emit low voltage pulses. They affecting the upper and middle layers of the skin. The low current acts on the pores of the skin and epidermal membranes, accelerating the regeneration process. Such current is good if patient has excessive hands or feet sweating. In addition, during the procedure, various vitamin complexes, nutritional solutions are supplied through the devices, which give good effect on the condition of the skin as a whole.

After completing the course of procedures, a positive effect is noted – the separation of sebum is normalized, enlarged pores are narrowed, fine wrinkles are smoothed, edema is removed, reducing of sweating (hands or feet hyperhidrosis), toxins are eliminated. Most often, iontophoresis machine is using for making procedures on hands, face feet or armpits.

Sessions are safe and don’t need special preparation and can treatment from sweaty hands, feet. Say no to sweating! If you buy cheap iontophoresis machine then you can make hyperhidrosis hands and feet procedures at home. Iontophoresis has excellent effect on stopping of excessive sweating. It is not recommended to use machine in the following cases:

– During pregnancy and breastfeeding;

– metal prostheses or implants in the body;

– chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system;

– diseases in the active stage;

– high body temperature;

– with open wounds on the skin in places of its processing.

Apparatus for home use.

The cosmetic procedure is quite simple, therefore, it is quite possible to use iontophoresis machine at home. It is enough to buy an apparatus, read manual and start to use it. Procedures performed at home do not differ much from those performed in cosmetology clinics. The instructions for the iontophoresis device are understandable even for a beginner, since such devices have a minimum number of buttons and settings. Don’t pay more, buy once and use it for whole your life. Doctor can only give some consultation.

How long do you need to make procedures? 5-10 times will be enough. Hyperhidrosis and excessive hands or feet sweating need to make sessions each day. Only if sweating is reducing, hands or feet are dry then you can stop procedures. The best iontophoresis machines against sweating are wireless and home-use.