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Massage Myotherapy is an advanced form of remedial massage, also known as sports massage or medical massage. During myotherapy, a therapist uses trigger point release and a variety of other techniques to relieve muscle and myofascial pain.

Trigger points are sensitive areas of tight muscle fibers that form in your muscles, typically from overuse or injury. To relieve tension in these areas, a myotherapist employs special massage techniques using their hands, fingers, elbows, or knuckles.

Myotherapy is the skillful use of the hands and other therapeutic techniques including deep soft tissue massage, trigger point deactivation, myofascial release, dry needling and corrective exercises to enhance muscle activity and to heal injury.

Have you ever wondered when you should see a myotherapist? This is a question we answer all the time. So, we thought we’d share the top 5 reasons why clients come to us, as well as how we can help with these reasons.

Five reasons when you need an myotherapy services:

  1. You’re in pain

This might seem a little obvious! But if you’re in pain that involves any muscles or joints, myotherapy can be helpful to relieve your symptoms.

Our clients will often come and see us for:

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Jaw pain
  • Nerve pain
  • Repetitive strain injury, or RSI
  • Headaches and migraines
  • You’re under a lot of stress and pressure

Mental stress can have a massive impact on physical health. But by soothing the physical symptoms, you can also relieve some of the mental strain.

The good news is that massage and myotherapy techniques can help to relieve the muscles that are tight due to high levels of stress. Massage can also boost your feel-good brain chemicals and reduce stress hormones. So, a myotherapy treatment can have a direct effect on your stress levels!

  • You need to rehabilitate a current injury

Myotherapy is a great option for rehabilitating current injuries.

When you injure yourself, your muscles will tighten around a joint to protect you from pain. But this can strain other muscles and reduce the flow of healing nutrients to the injured area. By relieving tension in the tight muscle, it allows the joint and surrounding muscles to recover optimally.

  • You want to minimize your risk of injuries

People often think of massage and myotherapy as being a treatment for injuries that have already occurred. But myotherapy is a more holistic and comprehensive approach to muscle and joint health. That means it can also help to reduce your risk of injuries in the future.

  • You want to prioritize self-care

We think this is the most overlooked reason. It makes sense to see a myotherapist when you’re in pain, under stress or looking to care for an injury. But myotherapy can be also used proactively as a way to support your overall wellbeing.

You may already know you should be booking in for regular Myotherapy and Remedial Massage but are you aware of all the benefits it provides? It not only feels great to get a massage for your muscles but also promotes you to be a more productive, energetic and happier person.

Here are some benefits of massage myotherapy:

  1. Reduce pain

Myotherapy assists to reduce pain by dealing with the many mechanical causes such as trigger points within muscles, faulty movement patterns leading to increased load and pressure in your joints; and poor mobility which can also lead to compensatory movement patterns developing.

  • Injury Rehabilitation

A Myotherapist assists with injury rehabilitation by initially assessing the cause/s of the injury.  Based on the findings of the initial assessment, a Myotherapist will treat the injury and the biomechanical mechanisms underpinning the injury.  Myotherapy treatment has shown to have a positive clinical benefit in the rehabilitation of injury.

  • Improve Sporting and Exercise Performance

Myotherapy increases training recovery by increasing blood flow to the trained muscles, removing lactic acid and toxins accumulated with intense exercise; and removing trigger points which are a product of high training loads in muscles.

  • Increase Mobility

Myotherapy increases mobility and movement efficacy using massage, dry needling and cupping.  These Myotherapy techniques are useful in increasing tissue length within the muscle and increasing mobility.

  • Injury Prevention

Prevention is better than a cure!

A benefit of Myotherapy is to increase mobility and movement efficiency in your body.  Myotherapy treatment assists with increasing tissue and joint movement with remedial massage, dry needling and cupping.  Subsequently allowing your body to move freely and prevent the painful episodes of injury.

Patients with myofascial pain syndrome frequently benefit from this type of therapy. People who experience chronic headaches may also find relief from myofascial release. Gently massaging on tightened muscles in and around the neck and head may reduce headaches.

Myotherapy Flemingtion will work with you to identify factors that may be making your condition worse and help you find ways to avoid or reduce these aggravating factors. If something cannot be changed the myotherapist will develop a pain management program. This may involve referral to other healthcare professionals.

Your therapist needs to be aware of any new health condition or accident so that this can be taken into account before we treat you.  In some cases, treatment to a particular area of your body may be contraindicated.

From a different perspective we may also be able to include additional techniques to assist your recovery if we are fully aware of your current health status and we may also be able to prescribe helpful exercise prescription and posture advice to help you manage any symptoms at home.

We will always provide ample opportunities for you to share any new information about your health status but we wanted to share with you the importance of your role in keeping us informed.

The team at Balanced Healthcare are dedicated to empowering you and your family to achieve your true health potential. Our goal is to inspire you to make positive lifestyle choices and to enhance your health and vitality.

Your health and safety are our top priority at Balanced Healthcare. We make sure we give you the best results of our myotherapy services, contact us now!

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