Rollback after a cycle of steroids – the nature of the phenomenon and the fight against it

Many bodybuilders are familiar with the concept of the kickback phenomenon. Someone is familiar with him firsthand, and someone has already managed to experience his action on himself. This phenomenon is not pleasant. And since this effect is, to one degree or another, inevitable for everyone who decided to pump with the help of steroids, it is better to familiarize yourself with all the nuances associated with it in advance. What is connected and how this phenomenon manifests itself, what is the nature of this phenomenon, what causes it, and how to deal with this scourge – we will talk about this in our article. 

What is post-course rollback 

Let us say right away: if you are “straight” and do not plan to “ply,” then the post-course rollback does not threaten you either. Such a fate is inevitable only for sports “sinners” who switched to the “side of evil” and began to use AAS (androgenic and anabolic steroids) in order to build up a mountain of muscles in a short time, and at the same time earn a bunch of health problems. 

So, the effect of the rollback is that at the end of taking anabolic oral steroids in USA (especially if the course was drawn up incorrectly), there is a rapid decrease in muscle mass, and all your efforts made during classes turn out to be futile. Yours, at best, will remain only 30-35{40156c797f277cd9180cea8701385e7548aecefd942935f87166f27b9a46a849} of the acquired muscles – the rest will “give up”. It’s especially disappointing that the muscles disappear, but the negative effect of AAS on the body and health problems, as luck would have it, remain. It can manifest itself in everyone in different ways and depends on the anabolic chosen by you. For example, after Turinabol or Anabol, this effect may be different, but it will occur in both cases. 

Such a “drain ” is due to the fact that all your “meat” acquired with the help of steroids, relatively speaking, is not real. It appeared as a result of gross interference with the hormonal and genetic systems of the body. AAS, which themselves are synthetic hormones, stimulate the enhanced process of producing certain hormones (mainly testosterone), which are responsible for protein synthesis, anti-catabolic effect and muscle growth. The body in this case receives a dose of hormones from the outside, plus it intensively produces them itself, under the influence of AAS. 

After stopping the intake, hormones from outside cease to flow and, in the best case, their natural production returns to the previous level. But more often it happens that the whole natural process of hormone production is already out of order and the body cannot produce enough of them without stimulation from the outside. And then there comes a rollback after steroids,  in which the muscles begin to deflate intensely. 

How to avoid rollback after a course of steroids 

Sit and think how to avoid a rollback? So that the lip is not rolled out much, we will answer right away: no way! It will come anyway, but for everyone in a different way. However, it can be minimized with a well-designed course and reasonable behavior after its completion. So, here are a series of recommendations that will help you to preserve the muscle as much as possible, and partially – your precious health (although it is unlikely that it is so precious to you, since you even decided to “zakursit”). 

If you are still an inexperienced villain (and most likely it is, just read it), and just decide to indulge once, then you are not recommended to conduct a lengthy reception, for example methane, since it will be longer from it. The optimal period is 6 weeks. 

Be sure to eat plenty of protein foods and drink protein shakes. This will saturate the body with protein and slow down the process of its breakdown. 

The intensity of training after anabolic steroids should be significantly reduced. Strong loads during training can only aggravate the drain, since at this time there is not enough “building material” for muscle growth. Spend 2-3 tricks a week, not more. Pull the dumbbells and the bar while lying down – this is enough for now. 

Conduct post-cycle therapy, because you need to restore your hormonal background, the functionality of the genitals and protect yourself from the effects of estrogen. Take the following drugs to choose from: Gonadotropin, Proviron, Clomiphene, or Tamoxifen. Thanks to PCT, you will quickly put your hormonal background in order, which will allow you to keep the mass as much as possible after the course . 

Also, “Gonadotropin” or the herbal supplement “Tribulus” is recommended to be taken together with AAS. This balances the level of testosterone with the gonadotropin hormone, which will further reduce the degree of muscle drainage during the rollback. 

Follow all the above instructions need about the same time that was spent on the course itself. 

Cortisol Anti-Rollback 

During training, and even more so during the course of anabolic steroids and after it, the body is in a state of stress (although you may not feel this emotionally) and actively produces stress hormone – cortisol. It significantly inhibits protein synthesis and promotes a catabolic process (breakdown of protein and muscles). At the time of discharge, this is most noticeable, so you should take anti-catabolic drugs that block cortisol and slow down the breakdown of protein. 

There is a huge mass of such drugs, but we will not list them all here, since you will have to use more than enough chemistry in addition to them. We recommend only the most proven and relatively safe nutritional supplements. 

Minimizing drainage using a “bridge” 

If you decide not to confine yourself to one course, but want to repeat them again and again, gradually turning into an orc, then you should know what is the “bridge” between the courses of taking anabolics. With this approach, you really can practically not lose the typed, but it implies the continued use of anabolics in the future, with almost no chance to jump. 

Its essence is that testosterone, in the form of steroids, nevertheless enters your body in small quantities after the course. To do this, you need to take other androgenic injections, in an amount up to 250 mg per week. This will partially compensate for testosterone deficiency in the inter-course period of time, which should be at least 4 weeks. Androgens such as Omnadren 250 , Testosterone Enanthate, Testosterone Cypionate, Sustanon are perfect for this. 

There is also a similar “ritual” called HRT – hormone replacement therapy. It is also called the “perpetual course.” But this is a completely wild method, so we will not recommend it to you. 

In addition to the above 

Both before taking steroids, and after it, it will be necessary to pass tests for hormones and biochemistry, and show the results to the doctor. You should not start using anabolic steroids if you are still new to sports. In any case, at least a couple of years, try to sway without chemistry. 

Being engaged in bodybuilding, without the use of AAS, you can quite build yourself enough muscles and build a beautiful and slim body. And while you do not have to wonder: how not to merge and not deflate. But the matter, of course, is the landlord – then you have to choose. Good luck in the gym! 

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