Strategies for Helping Your Senior Parent or Grandparent Prepare for an MRI

Seniors are more likely to need specialized health care than virtually any other segment of the population. However, as your parent or grandparent ages, she may become more confused or just nervous about undergoing so many procedures, especially when it comes to daunting tests like MRIs. Still, you can ease your senior loved one into accepting how safe and comfortable the procedure is so he has an easier time of it.

Choose an Open MRI

Choose the best facility that offers open MRI in Jersey to ease your loved one’s anxieties about the procedure. Open MRIs are a must for those who have trouble holding still for the few minutes it takes the machines to get an accurate scan of the brain, including those with claustrophobia, general anxiety and disabilities. If your loved one knows she won’t feel confined and uncomfortable, she’s more likely to relax and stress less before she gets there.

Speak with the Facility Ahead of Time

The best MRI facilities are happy to work with you to make sure everything is set for the test. If you have any questions, simply speak to the facility when you book the appointment. They’ll be happy to share information with you and point you to information on their website. They have experience dealing with other seniors and other people nervous about the procedure and they can offer you pointers for making sure your loved one is prepared and relaxed beforehand.

Go with Them

Although you can’t enter the room where the procedure is performed, you can offer your parent or grandparent moral support by bringing them to the appointment and keeping them distracted beforehand. Talk about things that aren’t stressful, like happy memories and pop culture. Offer to make a day of it and take him out to eat afterward or go shopping or to a movie together. Try to make the big day seem as normal and stress-free as possible.

With the right MRI facility, your loved one’s experience will be as stress-free as possible. Even though you may have a diagnosis to deal with as a result, the fact that the issue can be indentified painlessly and quickly means your loved one can begin treatment as soon as possible. Look for an open MRI facility that accepts most insurances and schedule your senior parent or grandparent’s MRI at the best facility in your area today.