The best mobile apps to enhance your exercise routines

Several people have identified the lack of a proper guide or tutor as the reason they lost motivation or zeal in their exercise routines. In times past, exercise routines were either memorized or stored on a hard disk to get played whenever the need arises.

With advancements in technology, however, your fitness mentor could be thousands of miles away and still give you some of the best lessons available, through mobile apps and other online sources.

This article will highlight a list of mobile apps that can help enhance your exercises and make the experience more enjoyable.

Best Mobile Apps to Enhance Your Exercise Routines

This list is for the best mobile apps to consider for improved exercising, in no particular order. It is however, important to know that the apps do not come in any other way.

Runtastic apps

This app by Adidas is almost easily one of the best mobile running apps. This app works great for people trying to watch their hydration levels, eat healthier foods, and is also a HIIT workout planner. According to some of the experiences and feedback dropped on reviews platforms like, one of the coolest features of this app is that it is mostly free to use most of its other specifications.


This is a good exercise planner, workout app, and fitness tracker. It has schedules that are easily customizable, and work effectively for daily routines. Sworkit allows you to have either a few-minute stretch in the office or a full workout at home. However, this app might cost a lot to some, but its features are commendable. You should also check some feedback on telecom companies about Sworkit in order to ascertain if the app is worth considering giving a try or not.

Google Fit

If you are in search of a free fitness app with serviceable software, this can be your pick. This app features customized tips, fitness goal tracking and integrated with different variety of exercise apps. Google Fit supports the use of third-party hardware equipment like Xiaomi Mi Bands and Wear OS smartwatches for extra fitness.


This app is easily one of the most famous fitness apps available on mobile devices. The app helps you keep track of any exercise and other workout logs. If you are into dieting or macros, this app works for you. However, this is pretty expensive if you want to exercise on a budget.

You Are Your Gym

YAYOG is just about an average mobile workout app. This app comes with over 200 organized exercises in several categories. It supports plugins to add a video to assist in learning the various exercise patterns. This app has a specific cost that might work for just about anyone.

Some of the apps are available on mobile devices and have features that will aid any fitness enthusiast. Whether you are a newbie or a regular fitness trainer, any one of these apps has something new to offer. Try to consider downloading one of them today to enhance your training and give you new ways of exercising for better results.

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