The Pros and Cons of Virtual Personal Training

The world is changing, and the pandemic has shown us how much we can do at home with the Internet and technology. The availability of personal training using online platforms has increased through the years. While there is undeniable convenience, there are other advantages to working with an online personal trainer. However, you can also consider the cons of working out with a virtual personal trainer or choosing in-person fitness training instead. 

The Pros of Exercising with an Online Personal Trainer

  1. Accessibility

Working out at home with a virtual personal trainer can be done by any person with today‚Äôs wide access to the Internet. Especially when you are geographically located away from gyms, you can take advantage of not needing to drive to the city or spend an hour in traffic. 

  1. Cost

Doing your routine exercises at home can help you save money on transportation costs. Because your personal trainer may not need to go to the gym too and may teach as many people in a session virtually, the cost can be lower compared to in-person fitness training. 

  1. Privacy

Hiring a fitness trainer who can teach and train you from a distance can be helpful if you do not wish to be surrounded by many people. This is ideal for those who are just starting to enjoy the benefits of fitness training or who are just getting comfortable in the process. Indeed, you can take advantage of a judgment-free environment inside your home.

  1. Flexibility

Exercising with an online personal trainer promotes training anywhere at any time. Scheduling can be easier as you need not consider the travel time that you may need when going to the gym from a meeting, for instance. It is also best if you find yourself skipping a workout because you thought you could not find the time for it.

Cons of Exercising with an Online Personal Trainer

  1. Close attention to techniques and form

For beginners, one challenge of online virtual training is ensuring that you have the right form. Your personal trainer can guide you more effectively when you work out face to face. This will also prevent knee or spinal injuries. That is why many say that intermediate to advanced level fitness trainees can get more from this option. 

  1. Distraction

Exercising at home can be convenient but it can also shift your focus from the physical activity. If you have no sufficient motivation or have many distractions at home, you may not use your time wisely. But of course, this will all depend on your willingness to stick to the program and follow your routine religiously. If you think you have distractions at home, it is better that you find one from the best gyms in Orlando to make sure that you get the most out of your exercise.

  1. Screen time

As suggested by many experts, reducing our screen time is very ideal. But when working out with a virtual personal trainer, you necessarily get additional screen time for every online training session. 

After learning about these factors, you can now think about what fits your needs. 

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