Tips for Choosing the Right Shoulder Surgeon

Did you know that the shoulder is the most flexible joint in a human body? This is the reason why people are able to rotate their arms in whatever direction they desire. It could be above, sideways and even behind your body. However, with this flexibility comes susceptibility that makes the shoulder vulnerable to injury. A good doctor will recommend a surgery only when necessary and completely unavoidable. However, it’s importable to note that delaying an eminent surgery could result in complicated situations which could make treating the condition difficult.

Understanding the Shoulder

Before you consider going to the doctor for a shoulder problem, it’s important to understand how the shoulder functions. A quick search on the internet will tell you that the shoulder is a socket and ball joint. Consequently, this means that the shoulder has three bones that consist of the clavicle or the collarbone, the scapula or shoulder blade as well as the humerus which is also referred to as the upper arm bone.

Common Shoulder Problems and their Treatments

Tendinitis is also referred to as bursitis. This is a shoulder injury that is known to be caused by repetitive activities that include weightlifting, painting as well as swimming. This injury is associated with the rubbing of the acromion rotator cuff. Rehabilitation should work for this problem. At the same time, refraining from activities that cause this problem have been known to work.

Partial tear of the rotator cuff
This is another injury that is also referred to as impingement. The problem is usually associated with the development of spurs as well as chronic inflammation. For those opting for non-surgical treatments, they should result to adjusting the activity. However, where it is important to remove spurs, the patient should opt for the surgical treatment.

Rheumatoid arthritis
This is a shoulder injury that is also known as Osteoarthritis. This condition is known to cause a destruction of the shoulder joint as well as the surrounding tissue. This condition is usually as a result of chronic inflammation. For most cases, shoulder replacement is recommended as it comes with unbearable pain.

Choosing the Right Shoulder Surgeon
Choosing the right shoulder surgeon is important as this is a step that affects the recovery process and the method of treatment that you will choose for your condition. When looking for a shoulder surgeon, get referrals from friends and relatives. At the same time, you can ask a primary care physician for a recommendation. Once you get a few recommendations, you can arrange for consultations to see whether these professionals suit your needs. Don’t forget to look into the experience and credentials of the surgeon you choose for your process. Board certification is one of the common papers that you can request for. At the same time, find out the costs that your insurance will cover. Finally, remember to look at the patient satisfaction surveys of the surgeon you settle for.


This article offers an insight of common should problems. At the same time, the article offers some remedies to these problems. The article concludes by offering you some tips on how you can choose the right surgeon for you shoulder injury.


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