What is an Ice Catch?

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An ice bong or an ice binger is a bong that has a separate chamber to hold the ice. As the smoke travels through the bong it passes over this ice chamber and with its cold temperatures, cools down the smoke even further – hence the name “ice bong”. Sometimes people will call them “ice bingers” but they refer to the same thing. When you combine both of these features, you create an Ice Bong (or binger).

When there are more than two chambers in your bong, it is called a multi-chamber bong (there can be 3 or even 4 chambers sometimes!). You can think of all of these chambers like different parts of your body. Your bong can be like your bong body (we all heard that joke before). These chambers are named after the human organs they represent. The bong that has one chamber is called “single-chamber bongs” and the bongs with two chambers are known as “dual-chamber bongs”. Cool, right? Not really…

Is it just a bong with ice in it? Is there more to it than that?

A bong with ice would have an external downstem with a bowl on top of that followed by a series of rings or slits where you put your weed. Then below this section is where you pack your ice. As your client hits the bong they will have to hit it from the top, as if they were playing a bong.

To create this bong you have to have an ice binger, which means it will be built for bongs (not dab rigs).

You may think that every bong has ice in it but not all bongs contain ice chambers. While there are bongs that can hold ice, most bongs do not come with an additional chamber to place your cubes. Ice bongs are specially designed for smoking with ice. Sometimes referred to as “ice catches”, these devices typically come with two parts: one piece is like the standard downstem of a regular water pipe or bong; while the other part holds water and houses the ice cubes.

An ice bong is not just a bong that has ice in it. While it may be the most popular type of bongs, bongs with ice chambers can come in several types of designs and styles. There are bongs with only an ice chamber, bongs with multiple chambers, bongs made of different kinds of materials (i.e., glass, acrylic), even bongs with handles! But make no mistake – they all have one thing in common: they’re perfect for smoking weed out of or whether you want to cool down your smoke via “ice” water or without ice cubes thanks to advanced percolators.

With all the different bongs for sale brands on the market today it can be hard to pick out the bong that will be right for you. There are so many bongs to choose from and each bong has its own special features. From bongs with ice chambers to bongs made of different kinds of materials, there is a bong out there for everyone – it just takes some time to find the bong that suits your tastes.

Is this new? Has anyone heard of them before?

If people don’t know what an ice catch binger is, they must not know about bongs. Almost all smokers know what bongs are but there are still some people who don’t smoke weed or aren’t comfortable using bongs.

As bongs have become more popular over the years, bongs with ice chambers are now becoming a staple for any bong collection. Bongs with ice bingers are even very common nowadays because bingers allow you to cool down your smoke better than ever before! When you use bongs for medical marijuana it is important to make sure you are using bongs that give you real benefits. The binger not only makes the smoke cooler but also smoother on your lungs and throat – making it easier for many people to consume their medicine or dry herbs.