When and why should you switch to whey protein isolate supplements?

If there is a sports nutrition supplement that has taken the fitness world by storm, it has to be whey protein. There are so many kinds of whey protein supplements available that sometimes it becomes confusing which one to choose. Ideally beginner level fitness enthusiasts should start with whey protein concentrate and as they advance in their fitness journey, they should switch to whey protein isolate. 

Read on to find when and how you should make the switch to whey protein isolate to get best results. 

What is whey protein isolate? 

There are three main kinds of whey protein – whey protein hydrolyzate, whey protein concentrate, and whey protein isolate. All of these are derived from milk during the cheese making process. The main difference between whey protein and whey protein isolate is about its ingredients. Whey protein supplements have between 10  – 50{7c9c0183c3dc182aab482b486575d8c74f197096145ab3dce12fd6b1ffbd5ce1} protein, 50{7c9c0183c3dc182aab482b486575d8c74f197096145ab3dce12fd6b1ffbd5ce1} lactose, and 2{7c9c0183c3dc182aab482b486575d8c74f197096145ab3dce12fd6b1ffbd5ce1} fat content, whey protein isolate supplements on the other hand have over 90{7c9c0183c3dc182aab482b486575d8c74f197096145ab3dce12fd6b1ffbd5ce1} pure protein and less than 1{7c9c0183c3dc182aab482b486575d8c74f197096145ab3dce12fd6b1ffbd5ce1} fat per serving. GNC AMP Pure Isolate is the bestselling whey protein isolate supplements available in India.

Whey protein isolate is the best protein supplements for intermediate and advanced level bodybuilders and gym goers. It has a high concentration of essential amino acids which help to perform various body functions, acts as a fuel for muscles, and helps with protein synthesis in the body.

Whey isolate is derived from cross flow microfiltration process in which the protein is separated from fat, cholesterol, and lactose and what you get is pure protein. This is the reason that whey protein isolate is considered the best choice for people with lactose intolerance as well. It is pure protein which helps in muscle building, faster recovery, and improving immunity without adding any fat content to your body. But it is still recommended that you talk to your doctor before consuming it. 

Whey protein isolate benefits 

Some of the main benefits of whey protein isolate supplement are – 

Gets absorbed quickly into the body 

Whey isolate gets absorbed rather quickly in the body. For advanced and intermediate level bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts, it is essential that they pay attention to post workout recovery. Some protein sources are difficult to break down, whey protein isolate is easy to digest and is absorbed quickly. Whey protein supplements provide adequate energy after your workout and help in muscle recovery as well. 

Helps reduce inflammation in the body 

Reducing inflammation is the prime concerns post workout. Muscle soreness and muscle fatigue occurs after workout since our muscles fibers break during our workout activity thus causing inflammation. It becomes quite essential to reduce muscle soreness and fatigue post workout in-order to achieve proper recovery. With the right kind of whey protein isolate supplement you can reduce inflammation in the body and get better gains. It is important to know that inflammation is body’s response to damage. Consuming whey isolate supplements regularly will help control inflammation. 

Promotes muscle growth 

Muscle growth is one of the main motives of fitness enthusiasts and with GNC protein you easily achieve this. Making a switch to whey protein isolate from whey protein or whey protein blend will help promote muscle growth. It contains all 9 essential amino acids which stimulate muscle growth and help build more muscle mass without adding extra fat.

Improves strength and exercise performance 

When you take a step further in your fitness journey, the aim is to get better gains and have improved strength and exercise performance. With regular consumption of a high quality whey protein isolate the body’s overall stamina is increased which helps you get maximum out of each workout session. You can also accomplish your fitness goals in a quicker way and boost tired muscles after rigorous training sessions with GNC whey protein isolate. 

Has a rich antioxidant content 

Whey isolate has a high antioxidant content which makes it beneficial for the body. It also helps in boosting immunity. When you consume whey protein isolate supplements it prevents against oxidative stress caused due to free radicals and protects the body against signs of ageing. 

Helps with weight loss 

If you want to include a protein powder that’ll help with weight loss, then do check out GNC whey protein isolate. It provides high quality muscle building protein in each serving and as a result it is ideal to keep you satiated for longer. You feel fuller for longer and can cut mid-meal snacking and cravings. Also you can push your workout boundaries and get best out of every exercise session to shed off those extra kilos. 

Whey protein isolate side effects 

It is significant to consult your doctor before including any new GNC protein supplement in your routine. Also make sure that you read the dosage instructions rather carefully. Consuming excess amount over a long period of time can cause certain side effects like – 

  • Digestive problems – bloating, gas, constipation
  • Stomach cramps 
  • Nausea and vomiting 
  • Headache 
  • Kidney problems 

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