Why is Miron glass so effective in protecting your products?

Over the years we have discovered new and better ways to preserve our natural products. Today more than ever we are concerned about our health and the products we use in our daily care. Many companies are now discovering the benefits ofMiron glass in the preservation of their products. This revolutionary violet glass is able to protect the natural products stored inside from the harmful rays of light. It has even been found in several studies that violet glass is able to energize. This makes the products last much longer without the need for preservatives while enhancing its capabilities. It’s not just a pretty glass. It’s the first thing you should look for the next time you go shopping for a product.

Light is good but it’s also bad

Light has great advantages. We could start by saying that we wouldn’t be able to see anything without light. Light contains energy. In many parts of the world there are houses that get their electricity from solar panels. However, light is also capable of changing the cellular structure of the products we buy. This causes products to deteriorate faster. To avoid this, the first solution is the use of preservatives. Thanks to the Internet we are now aware that the excessive use of preservatives can be detrimental to our health. The good news is that today many companies have reduced the use of preservatives or even stopped using them. This is one of the great advantages of violet glass. It is able to filter the light preventing the damage that may be caused to the products inside.

A simple way to explain how it works

Surely you have been left with the intrigue after reading that light is also bad. This is because light is composed of different types of rays. Visible, ultraviolet, violet and infrared rays. Violet glass prevents the visible rays from passing through. These rays are responsible for causing products such as tea leaves to wilt faster. Because of its particular color, violet glass only allows ultraviolet, violet and infrared rays to pass through. Have you noticed that many of the machines used for skin care use ultraviolet or infrared rays? This is because these types of rays energize the skin and keep it fresh and radiant. Violet glass brings these same benefits to your natural products.